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(Posted March 16, 2021)

I posted a spoken word video entitled "Broken Bread" a few days ago.

I considered writing it out and posting it here as a Blog entry, but think that currently many people simply prefer to listen to a quick video. Hope you enjoy it!

Look for the Good

(Posted March 18, 2019)

I posted a new meditation on 3/18/2019 entitled "Look for the Good" There are two parts: Part I: Beauty and Pain and Part II: You are NOT Alone.

Could you use some encouragement? If so, I hope the following may help you to press on and not give up. Spring is certainly right around the corner (yay … finally)!

Perhaps you or a friend, however, may feel as though you are stranded, heading up a steep hill covered with frozen ice and snow, with no one to help, and the winter in your heart is determined to keep you stuck there.

May these words echo in your heart:

1. Look for the good; find the beauty in the midst of the pain.
2. Keep your tank full.
3. You are NOT alone.

Read more here:

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