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Fill This Temple

The Fll This Temple CD includes 12 of Lisa Prokopowitz's original songs designed to inspire worship and draw the listener closer to the heart of Jesus. Along with singing and playing all the instruments on this project, she also engineered, mixed and produced it as an "Indie" Artist.

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What others are saying:

Ginny L. ~ "Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful CD with me ~ I was moved by it immediately! The heart and spirit behind your music is pure, and your work is truly anointed of the Lord."

Laura M. ~ "What an amazing miracle to hold your cd and realize God's faithfulness to you and your testimony of faithfulness to Him. I'll be praising Him with you as your songs fill my heart and home with His love!" ... "Your songs bless me so! It's like the melodies dance in my spirit and soul and make my heart light. Praise the Lord!!!"

Lou P. ~ "I just listen over and over again and am experiencing the joy of His presence while doing so."

Paula S. ~ "Your new CD is so uplifting and comforting. I feel that it is a love letter to Jesus, and from Jesus to us. I have given it to two Christian 'sisters' who are both going through difficult times. They were so ministered to by your inspired songs and beautiful voice. The Lord has certainly spoken by the Holy Spirit through your God-given talent."

Anthony F. C. ~ "Your album is wonderful; I enjoy listening to it in my car."

Sheldon Y. ~ "I hear the Father's heartbeat of love through your CD Fill This Temple."

Copyright Disclaimer

As always, I need to include the disclaimer that copyright laws do apply. Do keep in mind that you are free to listen to these clips, but unauthorized duplication is prohibited. If you would like to share these songs with your friends, by all means please feel free to direct them here to listen. Remember, you're my best advertiser :)

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