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Lift Up

Lift Up CD Cover

This CD was a project that Lisa Prokopowitz worked on with the Loving Grace Worship Team. It is available through Loving Grace Ministries on CD or casette. Lisa's song "Soften Our Hearts" is included on this recording, along with many other anointed worship songs by Wayne and Debbie Monbleau. Scroll down to find a music clip from Soften Our Hearts, along with a complete listing of songs available on the Lift Up CD.

Song List:

Bless the Lord O My Soul
That Is You
Lift Up
Bible Loving Man
Lord Over My Life
The Only One
Praise Your Name
Come Back To The Foot Of The Cross
Soften Our Hearts
Psalm 134

Music clip:

Soften Our Hearts (Lisa Prokopowitz)

As always, I need to include the disclaimer that copyright laws do apply. Do keep in mind that you are free to listen to these clips, but unauthorized duplication is prohibited. If you would like to share my songs with your friends, by all means please feel free to direct them here to listen. Remember, you're my best advertiser :)

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