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The Sacred Sojourn / Follow Me CD takes the listener on a journey that follows the Path of Life. Hand in hand with Jesus, His holy Presence leads the way through joy and sorrow, mountains and valleys, as He faithfully leads His sheep in and out to find pasture (John 10:9). This CD consists of 12 songs, most of which are Lisa Prokopowitz's originals, one written by her husband, and one which they co-wrote. May they all inspire you to follow Jesus more closely, with a deeper appreciation of His abiding presence.

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As always, I need to include the disclaimer that copyright laws do apply. Do keep in mind that you are free to listen to these clips, but unauthorized duplication is prohibited. If you would like to share these songs with your friends, by all means please feel free to direct them here to listen. Remember, you're my best advertiser :)

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