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Favorite Links

This page is still "in the works". I will be adding more of my favorite links as time goes on. My hope is that this page will grow into a beautiful field ... One in which you can pick a spot to look at and appreciate ... then move to another area to discover and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy my favorite links...

Activity Organizations

DH Special Services

Visit Debbie Hommel's site to find out more about Activities, to find various Activity resources, continuing education opportunities, or to access her job-board.


National Certification Council for Activity Professionals. Main professional organization for certification in the USA.

Recreative Resources

This is Kim Grandal's site, filled with many great Activity ideas and continuing education opportunities.


Fellowship Bible Church--Crawford Loritts

Visit this website to hear some WONDERFULLY Christ-centered preaching from a very warm, gifted teacher/pastor....

Living Foundation Ministries

This is a truly life giving Christian counseling ministry. They have set many hearts free (including my own in many ways). Chuck & Linda Lynch along with several others have devoted so much of their lives to helping people find freedom and peace in Jesus' name.

Loving Grace Ministries

This is a great Christian site that focuses on the grace of God. It's hosted by Reverend Wayne Monbleau. Wayne also hosts a live radio call in counseling program. Check the Loving Grace website for times and availability in your area.

Powerhouse Christian Church

Touch the World

Touch the World is a wonderful ministry devoted to developing servants' hearts in young people through short term missions and other ministry opportunities.

Music Therapy Organizations


American Music Therapy Association. Main association for Music Therapy in the USA.


The Certification Board for Music Therapists.


New Jersey Association for Music Therapy.

Singers, Songwriters, Recording Artists and all that jazz...

This list contains individual artists, bands and organizations promoting such artists. Many of these musicians are personal friends, and some are simply artists whose music I enjoy. Some are Christian, others secular, so follow links with discretion, depending on your own musical taste...

Christine Vales

Eva Cassidy

Mary Taylor

Oracle Band

Tommy James

Disclaimer: Linking to a site doesn't mean I necessarily endorse everything ON that site, so follow links at your own risk, and judge the content on its own merits. Of course, I wouldn't be linking to a site if there weren't SOMETHING I liked at the site, or that I thought might interest my friends in some way...

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