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Activity Organizations

Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care

This is a good site to visit to find out more about Activity Programs, or to find Activity resources, especially for the elderly.

DH Special Services

Visit Debbie Hommel's site to find out more about Activities, to find various Activity resources, continuing education opportunities, or to access her job-board.


National Certifidation Council for Activirty Professionals. Main professional organization for certification in the USA.

Recreative Resources

This is Kim Grandal's site, filled with many great Activity ideas and continuing education opportunities.

Music Therapy Organizations


The Certification Board for Music Therapists.


American Music Therapy Association. Main association for Music Therapy in the USA.

Music Therapy Information

Music and Alzheimer's Video at the Wall Street Journal

This is one of the best explanations of Music Therapy (with Alzheimer's Disease) that I have seen. (From their article "How to Outsmart Alzheimer's Disease", March 30, 2010)

In linking to this article and video, I do not in so doing endorse the Wall Street Journal, nor do I imply that they endorse me....

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