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The Music of Lisa Prokopowitz

My name is Lisa Prokopowitz and I am a Christian singer, songwriter and guitarist. My songs range across a wide variety of contemporary styles; which include folk, pop, rhythm & blues, worship and praise.

I have experience singing with a variety of groups, including Rev. Wayne Monbleau and Debbie Monbleau as a member of Loving Grace Ministries' Loving Grace Worship Team. I also serve on my local church's Worship Team, and have done so with many others in the past.

I have produced two Indie CDs, listed below, and have appeared on several other CDs as well, some of which are linked below.

Also, the Shining River catalog of songs (by Lisa and Bob Prokopowitz) is available through CCLI ® (Christian Copyright Licensing, Int'l.®). Does your church or organization participate in CCLI®'s program? If it does, you can gain further access to our songs.

Sacred Sojourn / Follow Me

Sacred Sojourn--Follow Me CD

Regular Price--$10.00 plus S & H and applicable sales tax *

Fill This Temple

Regular Price--$10.00 plus S & H and applicable sales tax *

Noel--The Music of Christmas

About the Noel CD...

$20.00 plus S & H and applicable sales tax *

* Note that if you happen to know me personally and already see me routinely, feel free to contact me to arrange to pick up your CD's in person, and save on shipping costs, etc. And of course, CD's are always available at my gigs.

For Noel CD only, available through Shining River:

CD's available through Loving Grace Ministries:

Painter of the Heavens

Purchase CD


Digital Download

Lift Up

Purchase CD


Digital Download

Complete List of Published and Unpublished Songs:

The following link leads to a listing of all of Lisa and Robert Prokopowitz's songs (both published and unpublished). All of these songs are available through CCLI®* (Christian Copyright Licensing, Int'l.®). If your church or organization is a member of CCLI® you will be able to gain access to all of our songs.

Shining River Catalogue of published and unpublished songs

Thanks to all of you who have supported me in so many ways, through purchases, encouraging words, and especially prayer!

*CCLI ® is a registered trademark of Christian Copyright Licensing, Int'l.® in the United States. CCLI ® does not sponsor or endorse my products or services.

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