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Welcome to my Video page, where you can find links to all of my videos as well as a few vids from other Youtube channels in which I sing/play. You can click the link above or scroll down and click the large picture of me sitting on a mountain top with a lake behind me, to visit my Youtube Channel, but not all of the following videos may be linked from your browser and/or Youtube, for whatever reason. So, I'm categorizing and listing them for you here, all in one place. Explore to your heart's content, and I pray that the Lord Jesus will bless you as you watch and listen.

In-Home and Outdoor Concerts

"GLORY to His Name!"

An open-air concert at the Jersey Shore, including many beloved hymns and a couple of originals. Originally recorded on July 16, 2021 at the Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ.

"Christmas Carol Concert"

A simple concert, singing well loved Christmas Carols.

Concert--"Shelter in Christ"

This "Shelter in Christ" concert is from a live performance on August 14, 2020 in Ocean Grove, NJ at the Boardwalk Pavilion. It was a beautiful, breezy day, and SUCH a blessing to share encouraging hymns that inspire us to find our true shelter in Jesus Christ Himself.

"Springtime--Songs for Seniors" Preview

This is a highlight version of a longer video designed for those living in Senior Living Facilities or at home with private caregivers, etc. It includes secular Public Domain songs.

Concert--"In the Garden"

This in-home concert includes a few original songs, as well as several Public Domain Hymns, focused on drawing near to God in the midst of His beautiful creation.

Comfort Food for the Soul

In Home Concert with Lisa Prokopowitz

Theme: Encouragement, Good Friday, Cross of Christ

Worship Leading at Church Services

Freedom Church, 9/19/2021 (starts at 19:30 mark).

Freedom Church, 10/03/2021 (starts at 10:45 mark).

Freedom Church--12/5/2021 (Starts at about 21 minute mark.)

Freedom Church--12/12/2021 (Starts at about 14 minute mark.)

Freedom Church--1/23/2022 (Starts right after 19 minute mark.)

Living Word--2/06/2022 (With my dear friend Stacy.)

Freedom Church--6/12/2022 (includes "Inhabit our Hearts")

For more livestreams, see my Youtube playlist for links to further services. You can find the playlist on my Youtube channel, under the "Playlists" link, called "Worship Service Livestreams".

Songs by Lisa Prokopowitz

Christmas Themed Songs

(Full Christmas Carol Concert)

Lisa conducting family members in impromptu

"Zaloum Family Choir"--Angels We Have Heard on High

Lisa Prokopowitz singing O Holy Night


Public Domain Hymns at

Loving Grace Ministries Retreat

Medley of songs from

Spoken Word by Lisa Prokopowitz

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Shining River Youtube Channel

Shining River Youtube Channel

Songs by Lisa Prokopowitz

on other Youtube Channels

All of Me ( with Oracle Band)

Blossom (with Oracle Band)

Mercy and Majesty (at LGM Retreat)

Tuesday Bluesday Part 1

Tuesday Bluesday Part 2

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